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So we all know by now that I am a very emotive artist and I get my inspiration at my low times, or at the times when I am suffering the worst with my fibromyalgia. Both my ramblings and my artworks reflect this. This is though just a part representation of the person I am. It is the artist I am.

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I recently did a full self portrait shoot and posted a number of the resulting shots to my social media pages. I received a great response to them. But I did have a comment from a friend who posed a challenge to me. She pointed out that while she loves my work and the fact it is so emotive, she has never seen any shots of me smiling. I laughed that this is certainly true and ironic, as I have a tattoo on my trigger finger of the word smile, and yet it is not something that I feature in my photography at all.


So I said I would attempt to accept the challenge. It has become pretty clear to me in the time since though that it is just not something I can do. I kind of feel like it would be similar to asking Picasso if he would paint a flower like Vincent Van Gogh. It’s just not how he operated as an artist. When it comes to my art, I only get inspired at certain times, and it is never when I am happy. I actually never pick my camera up when I am happy unless I have clients.

Now my phone on the other hand is another story entirely 😀 So here is the other side to me. Here is the happy. I would never call it art. It is simply random documentation of fun times and my insane spontaneity. And I know a lot of people hate selfies haha.

But I also know that a lot of you who follow my ramblings will benefit from knowing that I do have times of intense joy and light and love and happiness amongst my bad times. I will definitely work to share more of them with you through my ramblings on here 🙂

With love, smiles and gentle hugs

Kiarn xxoo

Toowoomba Fine Art Photographer

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