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Silver Linings

I’ve said it before… I’m a silver linings gal… In all crappy things I’ll find something good to pull from it. Even the smallest something. A life lesson, a blessing, a gift, something.

This week I visited a very good friend and I had a good girl cry all over him and he looked at me and said “Where is the usual Kiarn? Where’s the silver linings girl?”

I had to admit I had lost her. So after much face pulling, offloading, crying, and a fair bit of strange strangled laughter, I managed with his help to find the silver linings I was overlooking. Big thanks Matty YOU are a silver lining and a blessing.

This image right here is a silver lining. In what was a not so great weekend (read between the lines for some French words my nan would disapprove of), I was able to get the basis of this image. This is a pretty big representative one for me too.

When things get rough for me I turn to the sea. I run to the beach. I head for the waves. I sit by them and let the sound of the ocean and the waves drown out all the white noise in my head. I let it calm me and sometimes will sit in it and let the water carry away my troubles and stresses. I almost feel the pains leave my body when I do. It is very cathartic and therapeutic and I do it as often as I can. I will even do this no matter the weather.

Cue memories of a time walking along the spit on the Gold Coast ┬áin a new navy blue dress and getting drenched in rain. Not caring one bit. Enjoying every moment. I got back to the car stripped off and slept for a few hours to wake up in the sun to blue skin. The dye from the dress had run all over me and I was a brilliant hue. haha. Lucky I have no shame and don’t care too much what I look like to other people. I still donned my swimmers and went back down the beach and sat in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

So here’s my big silver lining for the week. Things may be royally shit (sorry nan) but there is always some sliver of silver….


Always silver searching

Kiarn xxoo


Toowoomba Fine Art Photographer

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