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Now…. to the absolute beauty that is my best friend… she came over and held me, she let me break down on her, she broke down with me, and she reminded me in a way only she can, like we have done for each other so many times before, that the world would not be the same without me in it.

She gave me a mug full of hugs. It was a mug that said “enjoy the little things” and was filled with small pieces of paper with lots of different things written on them for me to read whenever I need them. ┬áSo I can feel her hugs and her strength and love no matter where she is.image


This mug inspired both this image and an idea that is now in action in my house.

Fibro is such a bitch. It steals even my ability to be hugged by my children. I can get so sensitive to touch that the smallest touches can hurt or cause oversensory reactions. So I transferred the hugs to a jar and it has Mummy’s Hugs written on one side and Kiarn’s Hugs written on the other.image

My little boy has already used it and has put the cutest note in there that says “I love you and I wish to go to the movies with you” and he stuck two love heart stickers on it. He is always asking me if I am hurting and whether he can hug me. It hurts my heart so much that my kids can’t just hug their mum. But he was so happy to be able to put his hugs in the jar when he couldn’t hug me. I also told him that I would put notes in there for him to pull out and read when he needed a mummy hug.image

I’m not just mum though, I’m Kiarn. So the jar is full of the hugs Mel gave me. And it is always available for hugs to be put in, or drawn from by other people. I have my partner and his beautiful little men that are a huge part of my life as well. I am a big hugger. The ability to hug and not being able to is a such a HUGE deal to me, so this is is so so special to me. And I hope that it is an idea that may help others in the same situation.

I’d love to hear anyone with hug jar stories or if this helpful for you.




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