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There are those defining moments in life when you are faced with the oh-so-cliché fork in the road, crossroads, decision time. Oh so cliché because they happen to everyone many times throughout our lives.

The one I’m currently facing I’ve actually faced before, and it is a doozey. No wonder I’m facing it again. It’s one of those ultra big, seemingly no-win, lose-lose, must sacrifice something no matter which choice you make, decisions. So my head is currently swimming. Many obstacles are being thrown into the mix… or numbers into the equation….. ingredients into the batter (mmmm cake)… But this time I cannot have my cake and eat it too. Or can I? Am I really just sacrificing a fruit cake I never really liked (I hate fruit cake) and finally picking up the fracking awesome tiramisu? Or maybe, just maybe there is a middle ground equally tasty cake that’s not quite so bad for me….

Am I so busy looking at the complex form of this equation I’ve forgotten it can be very easily simplified and in it’s simplest form it’s an easy choice? But sacrifice when on either side of the equation the sacrifices are things or people you love… hmm never easy….

So obviously I am completely and utterly torn right now. Torn like a ragdoll being tugged at by two very overzealous children. I have 50 million voices inside my head clamouring for attention over this issue. I am arguing with myself, debating, and then reasoning soundly with myself haha.  And this image is an entirely clear representation of this state.

I am getting to the clear headed side of decision time, slowly but surely. And I know that so many people go through these times and don’t fare so well. I have sought advice and comfort from so many wonderful souls in my life who have helped me, some without even realising. And I have had some absolutely stunning people dropped in my lap when I needed them the most. Divine intervention? Maybe.

I know one thing more than anything. I wouldn’t be where I am, and I would’t be able to cope with some of the toughest times I have been through if I hadn’t learned many years ago to embrace the person I truly am and the talents I have been blessed with (Thank you H for pointing that out on the weekend).

So here’s to truly embracing ourselves, being who we are and true to ourselves no matter the decision and sacrifices we have to make in life…


Stay Strong xxoo



Toowoomba Fine Art Photographer


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