Terminally Talented

Who is this Kiarn?

Who am I? Who is Kiarn?

An artist. I am a muthrluvin artist.

Oh just your friendly neighbourhood weirdo and…..fiercely public, tortured artist, terminally talented, advocate for mental health and chronic illness sufferers, a Mum, a suicide survivor, a damn good photographer, model and teacher. I hide nothing, my all is for the world to see. I hate pants. I am an extremely open book because if just one person reads even part of my story and benefits, then my job on this earth is done.

I survive in this world because of my art. It is my greatest therapy. I am me. Unashamedly and unapologetically me. I have been and continue to be all things to all people. But now I am also someone to me. It has taken many years, tears, heartaches, miracles, losses…. But this is me. Advocating for everyone else to also be themselves. To find and be the best version of themselves. Filling their lives with what they love and always living life to it’s fullest. Honest, Raw, and with Integrity.

And that is the basis of who and what my art is, for whoever pauses in front of one of my pieces and feels it within them.

I am Kiarn and I would like to emote the real you, help you find your truth in your reaction, help you realise your passion, help you love your journey. Please stop by a while, lets have coffee :0)

~ Travelling Fine Art Photographer ~

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