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I have this beautiful place I like to visit. It’s out in the beautiful rolling countryside. The wind in the trees makes a beautiful sound like that of my beloved ocean. It is up high on a mountain with a view currently allowing me to watch a rain cloud meander around the surrounding areas dropping a grey sheet beneath her. The backyard is a meadow of tall grass, yellow and purple flowers dotted through it. Some would say it needs a mow. I say it is a beauty all its own and makes me long to create one back at home.

There are so many places to rest my painful legs and just relax through my latest pain flare. But the meadow out the back calls my name. All I have with me is my little dude mirrorless camera, with an old canon 50mm film lens on the front, which focuses on my face if I stretch my arm to its longest limit. This is the life, this is beauty, this is why I’m still here. 

Would you like to roll in the grass with my camera?


Keep Breathing



Toowoomba Photographer

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